wave /wāv/ noun

A large number of educators moving together . . .


learning /ˈlərniNG/ noun
toward a permanent change in knowledge, understanding, and behaviour …


solutions /səˈlo͞oSH(ə)ns/ noun

to address the challenges of teaching and learning in a digital age.

About us

We began Wave Learning Solutions out of the conviction that traditional models of education are no longer able to provide students with the skills and abilities they need to be successful in the future. We believe that the transformation of classroom instructional and assessment practices according to 21st century learning principles is imperative and possible. And we believe this transformation will be driven by teachers in classrooms at all levels of our education system. 


To this end, our goal is to create professional learning resources that are as rich, meaningful and engaging for educators as the experiences we advocate educators create for their students! We hope too, that our educational and publishing experience, combined with the independence of self-publishing, will allow us to deliver brave, thought-provoking and inspiring professional learning resources that help teachers help students.


We believe strongly that inquiry-based learning is at the root of successful classrooms across jurisdictions, disciplines and grades, so this is the instructional focus of our new THINQ professional learning series. The online course VOCAL 101 highlights the very best assessment practices required in inquiry-based classrooms, and indeed, in all classrooms regardless of teaching methodology. VOCAL - written by assessment expert Damian Cooper - provides real, in-class video examples of how to validate observations and conversations when assessing learning. We hope that both of these resource series help you with your ongoing learning journey.


Jill Colyer

David Steele


Our authors

Jill Colyer

Jill is currently the Head of School at Richland Academy, an innovative pre-K to Grade 8 school in Ontario that integrates inquiry-based learning across  grade levels. She was recently an Education Officer for the Ontario Ministry of Education and prior to that, the National Director of the Historical Thinking Project, a pan-Canadian educational initiative focused on the reform of history education. Jill was a secondary school educator with the Waterloo Region District School Board for 15 years and is an author of curriculum materials, courses, textbooks and teaching tools. Her most recent publications are: IQ: A Practical Guide to Inquiry-based Learning, Oxford University Press (2014), and THINQ 4-6: Inquiry-Based Learning in the Junior Classroom, Wave Learning Solutions (2016).

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Jennifer Watt

 Jennifer is the Program Coordinator in the Teachers Learning and Leading Department  at the largest school board in Ontario. She also teaches a Mentoring course for aspiring teacher-leaders.  She has been a history, politics, social science and English teacher, and a consultant and coordinator for over 27 years. Jennifer has a Master’s Degree focusing on the assessment of teacher practice. She is the author of several books, as well as exemplars and curriculum units. Her most recent publications are IQ: A Practical Guide to Inquiry-based Learning, Oxford University Press (2014), and THINQ 4-6: Inquiry-Based Learning in the Junior Classroom, Wave Learning Solutions (2016). 

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